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15+ years of Software Development experience will catapult your product to new heights. We lead by example and can guide your team to work more efficiently and goal-oriented.

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Accelerated Software Development

Clear plan, fast results


Taking in all the requirements, our Development team formulates a plan and dissects the workload into equal parts. It is now able to give clear estimates for a timeline.



The development team now works on the defined tasks, while the product manager makes sure to report regularly to the shareholders. You will receive updates and can test the progress while it is happening.

Software Developers


When we launch the final product, we know it is not really final yet. Regular maintenance and follow-up request come up all the time. Our Maintenance team is always available and responds to your needs.

Consultation Meetings

We speak the same language

Our team of UI/UX Designer and Software Developers build a unique synergy over many years of cooperation. Both sides have the same approach to everything from naming all the way to how to structure design & code. This helps us work faster and more efficiently.

Figma Design
Code Implementation

No matter the use-case, always

Cutting Edge Solutions

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A Proven Tech Stack (and more...)



Our developers have been working with React for many years. They have participated in events and also contributed to the React Repo on GitHub. A deep understanding of the inner workings of React helps our team be very effective in building applications and fixing existing bugs.


We believe in reducing the appearance on bugs on many levels. One of those is by using Typescript in our code to have type safety throughout. We set up pipeline to have the Backend Types in the Frontend, so we always know what the Backend might return.


The most popular React Framework for our team. We use it because of the power it provides us. The resulting web applications are solid and secure. It also allows us to iterate quickly and build features in a rapid fast speed.


TailwindCSS has been the most popular solution to style web applications for the last couple years. Its easy to read classnames and vast ecosystem makes it a popular solution for new and established projects. We leverage Tailwind in our applications to build composable layouts and components.


The best way to communicate between frontend and backend is using GraphQL. It allows the backend to stitch together multiple sources of data and combine it into a safely typed API. The frontend is able to call the API and only receive the necessary data to build the user interfaces.



Establishing itself as the best and fastest way to build a backend, Node.JS is the go-to solution for our team. From building APIs to automating simple tasks it is easy to setup and allows our team to function more like a Full-Stack team.


This popular ORM is what helps us build amazing backend applications. It takes away the hassle of building schemas to communicate with the databases directly. This abstraction layer gives us the power to quickly iterate on existing schemas and tables.

MongoDB & Postgresql

For smaller projects we like to use MongoDB, a database solution that is not complicated and has a great ecosystem. It may not have some features that several SQL based databases offer, but it can be quickly setup and it is also easy to query on the backend. Postgresql databases are a favorite of ours for large complex projects.

Headless CMS


Our team has extensive knowledge with Shopify and the Shopify Hydrogen, allowing us to build you a custom shop from scratch. This gives you more flexibility and you can stand out from your competitors. We also automate certain tasks that need automation, like email marketing and order management.


As an established CMS, Contentful as a Headless CMS can give you power in implementing your applications. From managing blogs and other content types, to building landing-pages quickly. Our proprietary React integration for Contentful allows you to have full control over content elements across your app and website. This can also be combined with other APIs like Shopify for truly powerful solutions.


Stripe is the most popular and the most powerful Payment Service Provider out there. It can be used to build amazing payment flows for your customers, that reduce hesitancy. With the expertise of our team, that built several Payment systems from E-Commerce to Mobile Applications, we will help you tap into every pocket.

Satisfaction is what we strive

Don't hear it from us

  • Martin Peters
    "The BlackCard team was very transparent throughout the entire project, so that we were always up to date on the budget and were able to quickly clear costly issues on our side."

    Martin Peters

  • Hassan Elammar
    "After working together we were able to solve tracking issues for some of our clients and also implemented fixes on their websites and online stores. This lead to conversion increases."

    Hassan Elammar

  • Marco Pöppel
    "Working with Osamah and Marvin was always thought-provoking and helped us figure out our future strategy much better."

    Marco Pöppel


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The satisfaction and growth of our clients is our upmost priority and we never end a partnership, without making sure our clients are happy.

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